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Volunteering for ELITE

Do you have any spare time? Would you like to help others gain employment opportunities and become independent? Are you looking to develop your own skills, or even thinking about  looking for a job?

At ELITE we value the positive effect our volunteers have on the lives of others. You will be made to feel welcome and a vital part of our team. While volunteering with ELITE you will learn new skills, meet different kinds of people and build a real sense of achievement.

Whatever your reason for volunteering, and however much time you can offer, we can develop a volunteering plan tailored for you.

"Volunteering is my solid ground. I have reason to anchor and use the skills I already have, along with learning new ones. A smile goes a long way."

Ritchii, Volunteer Clerical Supporter

Our Volunteering Roles

We offer six key roles as part of our volunteering programme:

  1. Volunteer Mentors helping people with a disability or a disadvantage with tasks and social interaction in the workplace.
  2. Project SEARCH Volunteer Mentors are based in Cardiff University or Bridgend Princess of Wales Hospital and provide support with classroom based tasks as well as social interaction.
  3. Volunteer Ambassadors assist and support in the promotion of ELITE's services and raise disability awareness in the employment sector.
  4. Supported Clerical Supporters providing administration support to our busy and vibrant charity.
  5. Recycling Supporters lend a hand at ELITE Paper Solutions, our award winning recycling Social Enterprise based in Merthyr Tydfil.
  6. Virtual Volunteer Mentors enable and assist people with a disability or disadvantage with pre-employment activities, through online support.

Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in a volunteering? We'd love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more about virtual volunteering.

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ELITE Supported Employment
ELITE Supported Employment
ELITE Supported Employment
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