On Sunday 1st September 2019, staff and friends of ELITE Supported Employment ran the Cardiff 10k race! Raising money for a defibrillator through Welsh Hearts, 13 runners ran on behalf of ELITE and Welsh Hearts with all completing the race!

It had recently been brought to our attention that our office complex at Magden Park would benefit greatly from having a defibrillator installed. Despite our office only being a 5 minute drive to the Royal Glamorgan hospital, in life and death scenarios every second counts! The defibrillator would not only benefit ELITE but the various other organisations located at Magden Park in Llantrisant. With installation, training and replacement batteries – the fundraising target was set at £1,500. We decided to run the Cardiff 10k in order to raise the funds!

The ELITE runners before the race!

The race saw over 5,000 people attend with many charities being represented. With both experienced racers and first-time runners wearing the blue shirts of ELITE – the fastest of our runners was friend of ELITE Tommy Haines who crossed the finish line in 43 minutes and 8 seconds. He narrowly beat second placed Phil Decker who finished 3 seconds behind Tommy. The first ELITE staff member to cross the line was our Communications Officer Benny Griffiths who narrowly missed the hour marker by just 14 seconds (1:00:14). The first female ELITE finisher was our Team Leader Zoe Gambling – competing in her first ever race, she finished in a very impressive 1 hour, 6 minutes and 21 seconds!

With ELITE still looking to hit our target of £1,500, our Just Giving page is still open for those who want to donate! https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/elite-run-the-cardiff-10k

ELITE would like to thank all of the runners, both staff and friends, who completed the 10k race!

  • Sara Johnston (ELITE Team Leader)
  • Zoe Gambling (ELITE Team Leader)
  • Amey Chappell (ELITE Employment Advisor)
  • Zoe Bowen (ELITE Employment Advisor)
  • Benny Griffiths (ELITE Communications Officer)
  • Morgan Bowden (ELITE Employment Advisor)
  • Andrew Massey (ELITE Volunteer)
  • Rachael Bowden (Former ELITE Staff Member)
  • Tommy Haines (friend of ELITE)
  • Phil Decker (friend of ELITE)
  • Josh Whittingham (friend of ELITE)
  • Paul Johnston (friend of ELITE)
  • Alun Bowen (friend of ELITE)