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ELITE are all about employment – we very much see ourselves as experts in recruitment solutions. The major difference between ourselves and other recruitment agencies is that WE OFFER A FREE RECRUITMENT SERVICE. As a charity, we are all about enabling as many people with disabilities or difficulties into work… to achieve this goal, we take any recruitment fees or service costs completely off the table for companies looking to recruit through us.

ELITE aims to bring employers and people with disabilities together to enable successful recruitment practices. By working with ELITE employers can:

  • ELITE provide a free recruitment service to employers
  • Working with ELITE minimises recruitment and induction time and cost
  • ELITE has a pool of candidates to fill your vacancies
  • ELITE offers a source of expertise and knowledge about issues relating to employing people with disabilities in relation to the Equality Act (2010) and can support you in your policy production
  • ELITE provide individually tailored training and support on site at the workplace
  • ELITE ensure productivity is met during training
  • ELITE provides on-going support through all stages of employment, thus increasing the success for the employee and employer
  • ELITE can provide a range of Disability Awareness Training to upskill your staff
  • ELITE can assist you in creating a diverse workforce and achieving your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ELITE provide job retention and support services

By letting us get to know you and your business we can provide you with the right candidates who will be specifically selected to suit your business requirements. We offer our clients a range of training and development courses which ensures that, if you choose to let us help with your requirement, they come to you fully equipped and ready to start work.

Funding is also available to employers looking to hire through ELITE. Depending on the projects available, ELITE are happy to discuss funds available to cover wages for a period.

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