As part of Disability Awareness Day on 16th July 2019, we have announced a free Disability Awareness Training workshop for all employers to attend! ELITE's Training Manager Chris English, who will be conducting the workshop, is using the event to spread awareness and understanding to any individuals who are interested in improving their workforce diversity with the inclusion of disabled members of staff. Chris had the following to say:

"We are firm believers at ELITE that anyone can work given the right tools and training. On many occasions, all it takes is one or two minor tweaks to a work environment that enables disabled job-seekers to succeed in their chosen careers. We've had all sorts of people at ELITE walk through our doors and into employment from factory workers, groundskeepers, secretaries, scientific lab technicians... pretty sure we've even had a falconer at one point! All the subsequent employers have received aspects of our Disability Awareness Training and have utilised the skills and knowledge obtained to improve their working environments."

The workshop will be held ELITE's Head Office on Magden Park in Llantrisant. We are scheduled to start at 10:00 am on Tuesday 16th July 2019. Tickets are FREE to celebrate Disability Awareness Day 2019 - there is a limit on the number of spaces so sign up today to secure your spot. Further details can be found below on our Eventbrite page where you can obtain your ticket!