First up on the revamped edition of ELITE’s ‘Meet The Team’ is one of the newest members of the ELITE family – Amey!

Amey joined ELITE in March 2019 forming part of the new JobSense project assisting people with visual and hearing impairments into work. The Employment Advisor has settled into her new job and has become an integral part of the project. Offering one-to-one support to jobseekers with impairments, Amey covers a wide area from Cardiff through to the English boarders in Wales. Asides from her main duties as an Employment Advisor, she also manages the JobSense Twitter page! This is what Amey had to say when the ELITE Marketing team caught up with her:

“It’s usually a bit daunting starting a new career but I feel like I’ve worked at ELITE forever! The team here is amazing. Each person is here because they care deeply about helping people with a disability to improve their confidence and help them get into work. My background is in education; I’ve supported students who have visual impairments get equal access to learning, so I’m using the skills I picked up along the way to make the JobSense project a success. I’m working on a lot of engagement, meeting and connecting with other support services. I’m incredibly passionate about my work and am always looking for ways to up my skills; I have a Grade 2 Braille qualification and I’m currently learning Welsh! In my spare time I love walking my dog, playing ukulele and writing.”

If you’d like to see what Amey and the rest of the JobSense team are up to, give them a follow on Twitter: