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As experts in both employment and disability practices, ELITE deliver and co-ordinate numerous projects that provide professional support to those who need it. Acting in both lead and partnership roles, ELITE projects cover a wide demographic of jobseekers with disabilities and/or disadvantages. If you are based in South, East or West Wales, aged between 16-65+ and are disabled or disadvantaged, we may have just the project for you!

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Supported Shared Apprenticeships

The Supported Shared Apprenticeship Programme aims to enable disabled people to further their careers and improve their chances of obtaining paid employment. During the Supported Shared Apprenticeship, people will have the opportunity to gain employability skills and achieve qualifications at Level 2 or above, along with valuable work experience and learning whilst at work. ELITE works in partnership with a dedicated Training Provider, who will provide, assess and complete the agreed qualification with the apprentice. On completion of the Supported Shared Apprenticeship, support will be provided by ELITE to negotiate or source permanent employment within their chosen sector.

Supported Internships

 Our Supported Internship program offers a comprehensive one-year work preparation initiative designed for young individuals with a learning difficulty, learning disability, and/or autism. Geared towards those eager to enter the workforce, this program serves as a vital transition from education to employment. Utilising a person-centered approach, the program closely collaborates with each participant, emphasising employment as a primary goal. Through a blend of college-based training, career exploration, and hands-on employer-based skills development via work experience, interns gain practical insights and hone essential skills. Throughout the program, interns receive individualised support from a specially trained Job Coach, ensuring a supportive environment within the workplace. The Supported Internship program not only enhances interns' prospects of securing paid employment but also fosters confidence building and cultivates a range of life and employability skills. Moreover, the success of this program hinges on a robust three-way partnership involving a host employer, an education provider, and a supported employment agency, ensuring comprehensive support and collaboration every step of the way.

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Supported Employment Project

ELITE Supported Employment is committed to providing comprehensive support to disabled people, ensuring they thrive in the workplace. Through our Supported Employment Project, we offer a range of services tailored to sepcific needs. An Employment Advisor will provide one-to-one support, guiding the persons through every step of their employment journey. Our dedicated team conducts detailed assessments to understand each persons unique circumstances, skills, and strengths, enabling us to tailor our support to their individual needs. We offer training, benefits advice, travel training, job coaching, work skills development, and assistance with finding suitable employment. Our goal is not just ensure each persons has a secure job, but to build their confidence and empower them to thrive in their chosen career. Throughout the process, we provide ongoing advice, guidance, and one-to-one coaching, ensuring they achieve their goals. We also offer assistance and advice on workplace aids and adaptations, ensuring hey have everything they need to succeed. With ELITE Supported Employment, each persons will receive the personalised support and guidance they need to unlock their full potential in the workplace.

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