Engage to Change Project

Engage to Change (E2C) aims to establish a project legacy in which attitudes and policy on supported employment for people with a learning disability, learning difficulty and/or autism are positively influenced by the good practice demonstrated by the project. E2C envisions a world in which people with learning disabilities, learning difficulties and/or autism are able to experience improved wellbeing outcomes through the increased independence, financial status, social capital and fulfilment that paid work offers.

Engage to Change will work with 1,000 young people in Wales aged 16-25 with learning disability, learning difficulty and/or autism to develop their work skills through paid work placements lasting 6-12 months with 800 employers across Wales. Drawing from previous good practice the project will clearly demonstrate what works for these young people to enable the vision to become reality.

ELITE Supported Employment Engage to Change
ELITE Supported Employment WG Community Fund

Eligibility Criteria Includes:

  • Must have a learning disability/difficulty or Autism
  • Aged 16-25
  • NEET or at risk of becoming NEET (Not in education, employment or training)
  • Must want to work
  • Must have support from family or support network
  • Must have potential to develop personal and work skills required to meet business needs within the employment setting
  • May be unable to cope with required hours of statutory employment provision
  • Must be prepared to undertake training to develop vocational and independent skills
  • Would be unable to access statutory employment provision due to support requirements, stamina, level of ability and personal skills
  • The individual requires a person-centred approach

In Partnership With

ELITE Supported Employment Aagoriad Cyf
ELITE Supported Employment Learning Disability Wales
ELITE Supported Employment Cardiff and Vale College
ELITE Supported Employment Cardiff University
ELITE Supported Employment NHS Wales
ELITE Supported Employment All Wales People First