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ELITE Training Solutions (ETS) offer professional, specialised training, within the employment sector. ETS have course tutors with vast field experience, delivering training all over Europe, via the operations of ELITE Supported Employment.

ETS has grown into a separate training enterprise, this is due, in no small part, to the quality of training delivered and the experienced tutors ensure that course objectives are met. We offer a range of courses with new subjects being added to our portfolio, as we grow and evolve to meet the needs and demands of the industry.

We are able to offer specific courses with recognised accreditation including Level Three Certificate in Supported Employment.

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Nicole Davies

Calan DVS; Bridgend

The training was precise and informative. Participation was welcomed throughout making the training an enjoyable session. The topics were detailed but understandable. I have walked away from this training with a better understanding.


Tracey Locke

Coleg Menai

I have a close family member who has Down Syndrome. He has finished his education and is now in supported work. I recently completed this course and feel strongly that all staff working with people who have varying degrees of learning disabilities (including teaching staff at schools) should have this training. This would help create a positive environment for the individual by enhancing the learning experience, and promoting independence


Michelle Whelan

Calan DVS - Chief Executive

After attending the Disability Awareness Training today with Chris, I feel much more informed about language, barriers and what we can do as an organisation to better support our staff. I have taken alot from todays session and will ensure we apply the knowledge learned from today.


Lynda Williams

Triage Support Officer, RCT Council

The Disability Awareness Training is a very valuable course, it allows you to gain insight into the Disabled Person's outlook and the problems that people face in their everyday life. It covered a lot of topics and ways we can contribute to make Disabled people feel they are part of our society and should not be made to feel any different. The Tutor is very knowledgeable and made everyone feel comfortable. Highly recommend doing the course.

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Damian Condron

Adult Employment Officer (Merthyr)

The training was expertly delivered by Chris English. It has been my experience that some training courses can be "preachy", particularly when sensitive subjects are involved; this was not the case with the DAT, which I had the pleasure of attending today. Chris is clearly extremely knowledgeable, open-minded and experienced in his field. Overall, the course was informative, thought provoking and very interactive.


Laura Williams

(Calan DVS)

The disability awareness training today was excellent , Chris was clear and very knowledgeable, The training will really help myself not just in my working practice but in life . I work with children on a daily basis and some have disabilities sometimes brought on by trauma they have suffered including mental health , this training has really helped improve my understanding on how to work with a person or child who has a disability.


Allison Werner

Employer Engagement Advisor, Coleg Gwent

The Disability Awareness Course was really informative, it gave me a real up to date insight into disabilities and how they can affect people. It dispelled all the myths surrounding what is perceived with people living with disabilities. Chris was excellent trainer and I would highly recommend this training to other organisations.

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Beverley Jones

Employment Mentor

Tutor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter but more importantly had a great understanding of how people with disabilities want to be seen for the person they are and not be determined by their disability or condition. It was obvious the tutor is passionate about raising awareness on how best we as a society can improve the way we treat and support people with disabilities.


Helen Roderick

Youth Employment Mentor, RCT Council

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the content was interesting and relevant. Highlights how easy it is to discriminate unintentionally but provided insight and strategies to stop this happening. Chris was an excellent trainer and made everyone feel at ease to interact freely during the day. Would recommend this course to anyone.

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Debbie Moore

Senior Employment Mentor

The training was on point, accessible and totally relevant to our roles and everyday life, it would be excellent if the training were available for all. Thank you for being so approachable and for explaining everything clearly.


Rachael Rowley

Employment Support Mentor, RCT Council

I've heard a lot about different types of disabilities/difficulties a person can have, but never fully understood the difference between the both. After completing this informative session, I am confident I can not only understand things more clearly, but am also more confident in my approach to support people going forward. Thank you Chris for explaining each situation so clearly and helpful!

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Angela Lawrence

Triage Support Worker

Best online training by far for a long time! Very interesting and informative, loved the participant interaction as this helped to keep it lively and entertaining. Chris was very engaging and helped you to feel very relaxed and comfortable. Would highly recommend this online training, as I found it very useful and knowledgeable.


Melanie Lloyd

ACT Training, Employability Tutor

Chris is a very passionate trainer and this comes across in his delivery. Chris pace of delivery, tone of voice, encouragement, time management of tasks, body language, eye-contact was very engaging and inclusive. All the training I have undertaken with Chris this last month has been enjoyable and I personally think this is down to his approach. He is very approachable and friendly and made me feel that no question I asked was irrelevant.


Rachel Shailer

Business Development Coach, People Plus

Fabulous, interactive course with lots of useful tips and information. Learnt a lot about de-escalation methods for a conflict situation and more importantly, how to keep myself safe and professional whilst doing this. I highly recommend!


Keely Costello


Chris has a great teaching style and makes it very simple to retain the knowledge learned. I particularly liked the assessment tools he uses as he incorporates fun activities such as quizzes and games. Overall, the topic was very interesting to learn and will be of benefit to me going forward as I look to implement the elements of task analysis into my job role as a training advisor.

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Maxine Beynon

ESW Tutor

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who supports people with learning difficulties or who may need extra input to learn a task. The method, once you understand it, makes a lot of sense and the excellent delivery leads to a point where you feel that you would be confident and very keen to go out and put the training into practice. I can't wait to have the opportunity to give it a go and to 'Try another Way'! Thank you Chris 🙂

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