Supported Internship


What do we do?

Our Supported Internship program offers a comprehensive one-year work preparation initiative designed for young individuals with a learning difficulty, learning disability, and/or autism. Geared towards those eager to enter the workforce, this program serves as a vital transition from education to employment. Utilising a person-centered approach, the program closely collaborates with each participant, emphasising employment as a primary goal. Through a blend of college-based training, career exploration, and hands-on employer-based skills development via work experience, interns gain practical insights and hone essential skills. Throughout the program, interns receive individualised support from a specially trained Job Coach, ensuring a supportive environment within the workplace. The Supported Internship program not only enhances interns' prospects of securing paid employment but also fosters confidence building and cultivates a range of life and employability skills. Moreover, the success of this program hinges on a robust three-way partnership involving a host employer, an education provider, and a supported employment agency, ensuring comprehensive support and collaboration every step of the way.

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What does the programme offer?

Our Supported Internships are tailored to provide young people with additional learning needs (ALN) invaluable access to employment opportunities, facilitating their journey to gain essential work experience. Through the Supported Internship, participants embark on a transformative path, developing the necessary skills to access paid employment opportunities effectively. The program extends beyond professional development, offering interns a holistic approach to growth by enhancing life skills, boosting confidence, and promoting overall well-being. This comprehensive support equips interns not only for successful integration into the workforce but also for a fulfilling and empowered life beyond the workplace.

How does it work?

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How does this benefit

the employer?

As an employer, our Supported Internship Programme provides employers with a direct avenue to access diverse talent, develop a skilled workforce, enhance productivity, and reduce recruitment costs. By participating, employers demonstrate corporate responsibility, bolster their public image, and gain access to government support and incentives. In essence, Supported Internships offer a strategic opportunity for employers to cultivate talent, drive innovation, and strengthen their organisation's competitive edge.

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How does this benefit

the intern?

Our Supported Internship Programme, offers multitude advantages tailored to empower individuals, gaininh valuable work experience alongside an employer, providing a platform to learn new skills and refine existing ones, fostering both personal and professional growth. With a person-centered approach, receive dedicated 1-2-1 support in the workplace from a specialist Job Coach, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance needed to thrive in your role. Additionally, benefit from support through an educator aimed at enhancing functional and life skills, equipping you with the tools necessary for success. Seize the opportunity to achieve accreditation in a work-related subject, further bolstering your credentials and opening doors to future opportunities. You will receive specialised assistance in crafting a compelling CV and navigating the job market, empowering you to pursue your career aspirations with confidence. Finally, receive guidance on finance and Better Off In Work Calculations, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your financial future. With Supported Internships, embark on a journey towards personal and professional fulfillment, unlocking your full potential along the way.

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